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Shipping Details

Hubvestor’s Shipping Policies


Our Shipping Policies

As soon as we receive your order and payment in full, Our staff will start processing the shipment of your order and will make sure you receive what you order. The moment we ship your package, we will inform you via email. And you will receive a tracking information of your order to be delivered at your desired location.

Important note: All related customs, taxes or any fees related with bringing products purchased out of Canada from our site the buyer is keep accountable.

Until you receive your order and sign it or have a responsible adult sign it you are not fully liability for the parcel. We ship our products; Gold and Silver shipping in nondescript packaging which ensure safe, secure and smooth delivery. Note that, all our shipments and orders are fully insured requiring an adult signature upon delivery. There are no minimums, we require a simple flat standard shipping rate for every  Canada or U.S. order, regardless of currency value or the weight of the order.

Storage Shipping: All shipping to storage in Canada is free for orders $699 and over.

Canada, and U.S. shipping, handling, and insurance is completely free for minimum $699 on all Gold and Silver orders.

Both Canada and U.S. orders with a total under $699 will incur a flat-rate shipping fee of $35. Insurance and handling charges are included in shipping.

International Shipping; our international shipping fees depend on weight and destination of the order.

Important note: Understand that there is a maximum amount of gold of silver we can have delivered  internationally per one address on a daily basis. In the case your order surpasses the maximum amount our staff will separate the order to more than one parcel. Meaning, we will divide the order into many orders so that we can have the order(s) delivered accordingly.™ delivers the parcels of physical Gold and Silver bullion bars globally through fully insured and well known international shipping companies. Depending on the amount of gold or silver you order. We offer no guarantee that when you make an order that your shipment to your desired destination will be approved by our head office. War, diplomatic issues between countries and other unforeseen circumstances can and may affect the shipping.  We will keep you informed in case such situation happens.

Note; no countries rules are the same. Average customs clearance times vary from country to country.

All our shipments to any international countries take place between 6 – 15 regular business days shortly after we collect payment due to additional customs paperwork and laws for that matter.

Did you know that a lot of our international clients choose to store their precious metals in our highly secure vaults located in different areas in the world.

It is true that I can purchase gold and silver using my IRA?

Actually this is a very interesting and smart question. The American Government permits citizens to an Individual Retirement Account IRA to invest in gold and silver bullion for their retirement reasons with the benefits of income tax advantages.  Continue reading about our order shipping.

Why should I Invest In Gold with my hard working money?


Financially security; gold stands the test of all economic meltdown. Gold is valuable it even has the power to transform financial life forever. Gold have not fail for thousands of years. And is not going to fail anytime soon. All currencies failed at a time but gold never. No currency has resisted economic crashes longer than gold. All currency failed at a time while gold stands firm.


Gold is accepted everywhere on the gold. Every country you go to day you can use you gold to buy goods, real estate or lands. We can buy anything with Gold. Gold is powerful.

In this present moment, you can buy gold in many different places globally. And gold is easy to trade or sell or resell.


Did you know that due to the fact that governments are printing money out of thin air and in rapid paste that gold has a huge potential to reach the price $14 to $17 per ounce in time to come.


You can secretly and smartly store your gold wherever you like and how you want.

Gold is easy to be transported, with only a few simple methods and techniques you can move your gold from wherever the is to your next desired destination.


Why should I Invest In Silver With My Hard Working Money?

Did you know that your paper money(fiat currency) has no real value it and it was supposed to be back silver or gold (your $10 bill is a note that is now back nothing but faith? Each time government, the mint prints money it devalue your savings and pager money.


Did you know what Silver is one of the top most industrially used in the world? This precious metal is used in almost all electrical devices.  This precious metal has been used for so much to the point miners can keep up. Not enough silver out of the ground. Which makes silver one of the most undervalued metals on the planet. Great time to start investing. Because they will a time silver will a very rare commodity to find anywhere in the world. The electronic companies will pay top $ to buy silver, for they can’t really do much without the use of silver in their devices, robots, plans and computers.


There is plenty of gold to buy but silver is starting to get rare. Which makes silver a greater investment than gold. Silver is irreplaceable.  Silver is a commodity that is also used as money. You can use silver anywhere you go in the world. No other fiat currency can do that. None they all come and go. Gold and silver are the real money they stay and keep they values. Something every all rich per person in the story of mankind know. Ancient kings and queens knew this and had plenty. New age kings and queens also know this they posse lot lots. is a consulting platform where you can buy gold and silver and invest in real estate.  We focus on hencing prosperity and abundance, promote financial security.


We keep up updated on market news and provide everything in our power to help you achieve your financial independence.


5 reasons to buy gold or silver or invest on™?

1- We put your financial security and education first.

2- We provide you with the opportunity to change your life through gold, silver investing and real estate investing.

3- We put your peace of mind first. We understand the importance of having financial security. Security which contribute to having peace of mind when it comes to the subject of money.

4- We provide you with a platform where you can build and increase your wealth and knowledge.

5- Lastly, we are a people company, we make sure we provide you with endless opportunities to take care of your family financially now and for generations to come.

  • We keep your precious metals safe and secured in safe vaults.
  • We deliver what we promise: security, freedom and peace of mind.